Frank Porter

Frank Porter was born in the state of New York and spent his childhood traipsing through the Adirondack Mountains.  It was in those woods that Frank spent much of his time, hunting or on the Saranac River, fishing for trout.  With a sense of adventure already firmly laid, Frank Porter joined the Marine Corps at 17 and spent the next 20 years in service to our country, including a tour in the Gulf War.

Frank has been working with leather from a young age, making his own hunting and archery equipment due to the fact that he didn’t like the quality of store bought items.  An avid archer, Frank is a traditional bow hunter and enjoys both longbow and recurve shooting.  In his spare time, Frank works with troubled youth, providing adult guidance and companionship for children in need, as well as teaching them the same sort of values he learned as a child. 

After retiring as a Master Sergeant from the Marine Corps in 1996, Frank tried his hand at various lines of work, but in his spare time found himself in the woods, a bow in hand.  His childhood interest in leather working resurfaced and seeing a place where high quality, hand-made goods were needed, turned his mind back toward the craftsmanship of leather.  “I still enjoy working with leather and seeing people use and appreciate the products we’ve made gives me a good feeling inside.  This is why I do my leather working,” Frank says. 

Frank Porter’s craftsmanship and attention to detail marks every piece of leather he touches and he prides himself on producing not just functional leather equipment, but works of art. Like many artisans, his standards are high, and if he isn’t happy with the quality of a product, it doesn’t leave his shop.  An innovator, Frank Porter is frequently expanding the boundaries of the leatherman’s craft, creating new products, with new designs, all with the quality and functionality our society as come to expect from mass produced items.

Take a step outside the traditional mass produced product box and back into the old days when craftsman like Frank Porter used their hands and time to create goods that they were proud of, that spoke of time and effort, and that outperforms the foreign, mass-produced materials from over-seas.  At Frank’s Leather Works the prime goal is to create each product as if we were making it for ourselves. Come on by and select YOUR custom made leather. You’ll be glad you did.

Frank Porter

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